Vision – Mission And Purpose


To become an international faculty of law which is based upon the noble values of national culture grounded on Pancasila (5 principles of State Ideology).


  • To provide a higher education of law grounded on the principles of relevance, conducive academic atmosphere, sustainability, efficiency, and productivity in order to produce graduates with strong professional skills who are supported by high academic qualifications, good moral values, as well as the ability to compete in the international world.
  • To provide a management system for educational institution which is based upon the principles of good governance, independence, and accountability.
  • To develop professional critical attitudes in order to improve human resources through research and assessment on issues of law and society’s life in general.
  • To build and develop a culture of law by dedication to society as a form of social responsibility with the manifestation of the supremacy of law and social welfare as the main goal.


  • To produce graduates who have strong professional skills supported by high academic qualifications in order to compete well in local, national, and international professional markets; as well as graduates who are able to grow based on high moral principles.
  • To produce high quality ideas, notions, reasoning, and conceptions in order to manifest lawful ways of life and improve the quality of life of society in general with the support of qualified human resources who are aware of law and social issues.
  • To fulfil social responsibilities in order to manifest social welfare by actualizing the supremacy of law as well as culture of law through dynamic interaction with society.
  • To make UNS Faculty of Law an accountable and professional institution in providing a higher education in law.