1. ELO 1 Master the concept/ theory of law in general
  2. ELO 2 Implement law and utilize legal knowledge in solving legal problem and able to adapt to the situation at hand.
  3. ELO 3 Take right decision based on the analysis of information and data
  4. ELO 4 Provide direction in selecting various alternative of legal problems both independently and in the group setting
  5. ELO 5 Responsible for their own work and can be given a responsibility to achieve organization goals
  6. ELO 6 Communicate their knowledge and legal products both in written and oral
  7. ELO 7 Design and compile legal document
  8. ELO 8 Conduct legal research ethically and professionally
  9. ELO 9 Formulate a solution for legal problem following the prevailing procedure
  10. ELO 10 Interact with different cultural environment and global challenges wisely