In general, the educational philosophy of UNS is: “Mangesti Luhur Ambangun Nagara”, which can be translated into the following statement.  “UNS is an institution for the development of science, technology, and arts, educating students to gain knowledge, skills, and attitude with wisdom and nobility, to contribute in the noble values to build the nation and human well-being with the light of immortality of science. UNS pledges its allegiance and worship to the nation, state, homeland, and science.” 



  1. Sebelas Maret University Logo is shaped like a lotus in bloom with 4 petals which symbolizes the greatness of the nation. This means that UNS teaches young people who will one day contribute to the greatness of the country.
  2. The three petals on the right, left and top symbolize the Three Pillars of Higher Education
  3. The petal at the bottom is shaped like five fingers which symbolize the Five Principles of Indonesia.
  4. The continuous line which shapes the petals symbolizes the unity of the civitas academica of Sebelas Maret University.
  5. The flower’s pistil is shaped like the crowned head of a sage with candlelight on his forehead meaning that Sebelas Maret University is a place to educate the youth of the nation towards enlightenment.
  6. The circular writing in the middle is shaped like Javanese writing which hides a secret code of the year 1976, the year when Sebelas Maret University was founded.
  7. The color of the logo is ocean blue which symbolizes loyalty and devotion.

As a whole, the meaning of the logo represents that Sebelas Maret Univesity gives loyal service towards the country by implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education to build an educated, smart and virtuous society that contributes to the greatness of the nation.