Second Stage Preparation and Provisioning of Assessment Room for Implementing Executives for the CAT CPNS Examination Room

Category : Faculty Of Law UNS

Second Stage Preparation and Provisioning of the Space Technician Examination for Executing the CAT CPNS BKD Examination was held on 8.30 WIB Monday, January 27, 2020. The Space Technician Assessment Participants were again presented with 30 basic computerized and network knowledge questions, with a processing time of 30 minutes. The test process was carried out directly by the head of the implementation of the Assembling of the Space Technician Assement, Bagus Setiawan, S.Sc.

The test went well and smoothly, less than 30 minutes of the Assignment Assistance Test for the Space Technician has provided the results of the assessment with a few Test participants who completed the work on the questions presented, and the participants’ scores were immediately known by both participants and the committee Test Assistance for Space Technician Assement. It also provides proof that the preparation and capabilities of the CPNS CAT Room Assistance Technician Assistance staff in February 2020.

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