Preparation and Debriefing of Technicians’ Room Examination for CPNS Examination in BKT JaTeng Scope of UNS Campus-Based Online

The Implementation of Preparation and Debriefing of the Space Technician Assessment (TR) of the CPNS BKD test in Central Java at the University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) on February 1 – 22, 2020, was held in the Computer Laboratory Room of UPT-TIK UNS.

Through the selection of the Basic Ability test, the participants of the Room Technician Assessment Officer Implementing the CPNS BKD Central Java examination were attended by around 40 people from each unit and Faculty at Sebelas Maret University, Faculty of Law UNS assigned 3 Education Personnel including:
1. Rudi Yakub
2. Arif Safrudin
3. Hermawan Pribadi Sardjono

The Chief Executive of the Debriefing of the Space Technician Assessment Officer, Bagus Setiawan, S.Sc. from UPT-TIK (Technical Implementation Unit – Information and Communication Technology) of UNS, starting by providing an overview and material of problems that might occur, in the next material participants are asked to operate and carry out program-based application tests that will be used in the upcoming BKN CPNS Exam.

Participants in the Preparation and Debriefing attended by 40 people from all faculties within the scope of the UNS initially experienced a few obstacles in the local area internet network. qualified from the participants of the Space Technician Assessment officer in overcoming the problem “troubleshooter” in particular.

The preparation and debriefing of the Space Technician Assistance officer is carried out in two basic stages of capability testing. The first stage of the testing of the Space Technician Assistance officer is held on Friday January 24, 2020, 14.00Wib.

For the second phase will be held on Monday, January 27, 2020, at 8.00wib which is located the same in the first stage.

This is expected to provide confirmation of the excitement and quality of the University of Sebelas Maret as the location of the CPNS Examination in Central Java BKD in the UNS campus which is feasible and guaranteed in terms of facilities, space and also the BKNS CPNS Test Room Technician Officers on 1 – 22 February 2020.


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