Chosen by Acclamation UNS Chancellor Leads The Chancellor Board of State Universities in Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho SH, M Hum Rector of the Eleven March University (UNS) deliberately and consensus was elected as chairman of the Chancellor Board of State Universities in Indonesia (MRPTNI) which took place on Friday night 17 January 2020 at the Atlit Century Hotel in the Senayan area of ​​Jakarta which attended by 56 out of 87 leaders of state universities who joined the MRPTN association.
The former Inspector General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education was chosen by acclamation to replace Prof. Dr. Kadarsah Suryadi DEA (Rector of ITB) for the term of 2020-2021. The election of chairmen led by the ITB Chancellor was joined by almost all Rectors of State Universities Indonesia is running smoothly and very democratic.
Listen to the election of the former Vice Chancellor in the field of general and finance at the Eleven March University (UNS), Jamal Wiwoho will lead the association. As it is known that the number of state universities in Indonesia is 122 which consists of 63 universities, 12 Institutes, 4 Academies, and 43 Polytechnics or 11 State University Legal Entities (PTN BH), 34 State Universities Public Service Bodies (PTN BLU) and 77 College Work Unit (PTN Satker / PNBP).
MRPTN or CRISU (Council of the Rector of Indonesia State University) which is a place for leaders of state universities to build a synergic network between state universities and other institutions and build a higher education system that is the glue of the nation. It has been established since 16 April 2002 which has been incorporated the law is in accordance with the notarial deed of Ir Sari Wahyuni ​​MSc, SH.MH.MKn according to the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia dated February 27, 2014 Number AHU-00359 AH 02.02. Year 2014.
The leadership of the MRPTN has changed leadership several times since from Prof. Dr. Ir Joko Santoso (Rector of ITB), Prof. Dr. Idrus Andi Paturusi (Rector of Hasanudin University), Prof. Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto (Rector of IPB) and Prof. Dr. Kadarsah Suryadi DEA (Rector of ITB).
The former chairman of the Vice Chancellor / Vice Chancellor II forum throughout Indonesia is also expected by the chancellors to carry out the 2020-2021 work program to immediately form a complete management of the MRPTNI; Implementing SNMPTN-SBMPTN 2020; Establish a College Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) as an independent institution under the MRPTNI association; Carrying out CUPT-CRISU Indonesia Thailand Joint Summer Courses; 15th CUPT-CRISU Conference 2021 in Pataya Thailand; Joint Working Group 2020 (France, Taiwan and Japan); ASAHIL Conference in Warsaw Russia 2020 and other programs proposed at the MRPTNI 2020-2021 working meeting.
As it is known, the MRPTN which was formed by leaders of state universities throughout Indonesia aims to: Build a synergistic network between state universities and other institutions; developing a national education system in order to improve the quality of Indonesia’s sustainable human resources; Formulating recommendations for the administration of education in Indonesia; Develop selection of new student admissions nationally; Carry out activities that can improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia; and building cooperation in order to maintain the unity and integrity of Indonesia.

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