Vision and Mission Bachelor Degree Of Study Program

Category : Faculty Of Law UNS

the Bachelor of Law UNS vision is formulated

“becoming a leading program in the field of Law by producing professional law graduates having high moral value based on Pancasila noble values and ability to compete at the international level in 2030.”

  1. Conducting a higher education of law based on brotherhood, equality, high spirit of innovation and creativity in scientific development to produce graduates who master Law with noble character and are able to compete at international level.
  2. Implementing institutional system of higher education based on the principles of good governance.
  3. Developing intellectual attitudes with high critical thinking, while remaining humble in order to improve the quality of human resources through the assessment of various legal and society problems to build a legal system based on Pancasila.
  4. Creating and increasing legal awareness of the society as the realization of legal culture through various academic activities to participate in creating independence and strength of the society.
  5. Establishing cooperation and increase networking with various institutions, both national and International to strengthen support for the existence of the Faculty of Law in social order and civilization.