Graduates Profile

Graduates Profile

Each graduate is expected to meet the demanded requirements competences of the work field. The competencies include :. 1. Legal service 2. Social 3. Professional and 4. Employee


Kind of competences Descriptions
 Legal Science

(lecturer, legal scientist, legal drafter)


 Graduates are able to master the theory of law, have the ability to conduct research in the context of developing legal science in accordance with research ethics standards, and are able to transfer knowledge to the society.



 Graduates are able to apply their skill in the field of law in order to create an employment opportunities; and become an agent of change by not violating the norms and ethics.

(Advocade, Lawyer, Prosecutor, Judge, Government Institution)

 Graduates are able to master legal theory; have skills (skills and soft skills) that can be used in solving accurate legal problems accordance with the applicable code of ethics. With this knowledge, graduates are expected to contribute in international scope

(Business entities, legal staff)

 Graduates are expected to have a critical thinking, creative, innovative, and cooperative behaviour that in line with stakeholder needs with upholding the morality values and professionalism